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Jeep Fusion Steps

Owners of Jeeps have a tendency to add lift kits and big tires to their vehicles causing them to sit higher than most trucks and SUV’s. For this reason, entering and exiting the vehicle can be a challenge for most people.

Jumping up into the Jeep, ripping pants, or having to keep lifting the kids up into the Jeep is most certainly getting to be old news by now.

The solution is simple with the all new Fusion Step from Owens Products, Inc.

       07 16 Wrangler 4Door Black   07 16 Wrangler 2dr Nickel

The Fusion Steps utilize a one piece aluminum extrusion construction that is made of .200 thickness material. It is undoubtedly the strongest step Owens has ever produced.

All of our applications come in at load rating of 550lbs plus!

Fusion steps are available in your choice of textured black or textured nickel powder coat finishes that are sure to add style to the best looking Jeeps anywhere.

The Owens Sure Grip Step Pads are strategically place to make sure you make contact with the pads when getting in and out of your Jeep.

Modern styling, light weight, and exceptional performance all at a price that you can afford are just a few things that are included with the Jeep Fusion Steps.

As with all our items, the Owens Fusion Steps are produced with pride right here in the USA.

You can contact your local 4x4 shop or call Owens Jeep Products direct at 800-726-9367.

So step up in style today with a set of Fusion Steps from Owens Jeep Performance!

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