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Owens Products recently had a visit from Michigan State Senator, John Proos. The Senator stopped by Owens Products for a tour of our organization and to understand the types of products that we manufacture. From products like Triple Light Switch Covers to our Double Compartment Dog Boxes as well as Owens, Aluminum Classic Pro Running Boards.

Senator Proos

During the visit, we went through the design process, Research & Development, and production of our products. We also discussed our manufacturing process, issues in the economy and how it directly impacts the 41 families that we employee. During Senator Proos visit, we also touched base on our competition in the U.S. and oversees as well as its effect on our business. Other discussions included resources that are offered by the State of Michigan.

"Senator Proos is extremely likable," stated Gary Kirtley (CEO & Owner of Owens Products).  "He's very compassionate about our manufacturing needs and someone who listened intently and asked lots of questions," he went on to say. Gary then added, "I truly feel that after our meeting today, Senator Proos will continue to be a strong voice for small business in our area of the State."

Thank you again for visiting Owens Products, Senator Proos!