Occupational Health

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Owens Products, Inc. is committed to plan and perform all operations in a manner that is safe and efficient for its employees and the public. We believe that leadership is a critical element in sustaining a compliant, safety conscious work environment. 

Owens management is responsible for keeping safety at the forefront of its business planning and execution to continuously improve operational discipline and our safety culture. 

The commitment is based on: 

  • A comprehensive understanding of worker expectations and requirements; 
  • Compliance to statutory, regulatory and other legal requirements; 
  • Demonstrating employee safety leadership in all our processes, striving always for world class performance; and 
  • Continual improvement by analyzing this commitment through the use of Key Performance Indicators. 

Worker health and safety is a shared responsibility where the company and its employees each have a role in ensuring the safety of those affected by our work.