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Jeep Box

When the warm summer months arrive, Jeeps start to shed weight by losing those pesky doors and tops.

Though it is a great deal of fun and looks appealing there is one thing that is left unaccounted for. Where do you store your valuables?

As most Jeep owners know, lockable storage is a must when peeling away the top and doors.

Owens Jeep Performance offers storage boxes that help you increase the amount of valuables you can take on long trips, while not have to worry about things flying out, getting wet or even stolen.

At Owens Jeep Performance, we know how important it is to bring your gear with you such as tools and supplies.

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These boxes fit 2007 – 2016 Jeep wranglers and are available in two sizes, one for the two door model and one for the four door model.

The Owens Jeep Box is also a great add on to have if you feel unsafe parking your soft top covered Jeep in a less than appealing area.

With the box being constructed of heavy .063 diamond plate aluminum you can feel secure that it is a strong and dependable box that will not rust when the rains arrive.

The Owens Performance Jeep Box is easy to install with a couple of self-tapping screws going through the bottom of the box and into the floor of your Jeep. You can be assured that the box is firmly in your Jeep.

All Owens boxes are covered with a one year warranty against manufacture defects and are designed to last for years to come.

The Jeep Box does come in two standard color options; bright diamond plate or textured black powder-coat, both of which will look great and provide the storage your Jeep needs. Or order any one of the other 14 color choices available. You can even mix and match the body and lid colors to make a box that is unique to you and your Jeep!

You can contact your local 4x4 shop or call Owens Jeep Products direct at 800-726-9367.

Load and Lock today with a heavy duty Jeep box from Owens Jeep Performance!

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